How to find Jobs in Dubai from India

Dubai, the city of ultramodern architectures, sandy beaches, luxurious lifestyle and many more. In 20th century, it is dream of many people around the world to visit Dubai and enjoy the city. People are also shifting to Dubai for Jobs as together with topmost lifestyle, they can earn more.

Almost 90% population of UAE is made up of expatriates and foreign working professionals which mostly includes population from India, Pakistan, Philippines etc.

If you are also looking for jobs in Dubai, or any other Gulf country like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc., but don’t know how to go there, don’t worry; this article will tell you all possible ways by which anyone can find jobs in Dubai.

Before going through list of ways by which someone can get a job in gulf, please go through below Job-profiles which are in demand in Dubai and other Gulf countries.

  1. Civil and Mechanical Workers and labors
  2. Technicians, Mechanics, Site Supervisors, etc.
  3. Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical Engineers, etc.
  4. Manager Profiles like Site In-charge, Project Managers, Sales Managers, etc.
  5. IT and Software Developers, Application Developers, IT Project Managers, etc.
  6. Finance Managers, Financial Analysts, Accountants, etc.
  7. Paralegals
  8. Teachers, Professors, Principals
  9. Medical, Healthcare, Nursing
  10. Hotel Industry, Hospitality, Tourism
  11. Human Resources

Below are 8 best ways to find Jobs in Dubai and other Gulf countries.

  1. Assignment Abroad News Paper – Overseas Assignments

If you live in Mumbai or nearby cities from where you can come to Mumbai in 4-5 hours and only if your profile is related to Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Electrical Engineering, this News Paper is treasure for you. However, if your profile is different, don’t waste your time on reading this segment.

Below image shows how this news paper looks like.

This news paper basically shows Face to Face interviews happening at Mumbai based Dubai Job Consultancies. There are more than 100 Dubai Job Consultants at Mumbai where Gulf Companies HRs come from Gulf to Mumbai for Face to Face Interview. All such Interview details are available in Assignment Abroad News Paper.

This News paper comes every Wednesday & Saturday and is available on internet on paid basis so that you don’t have worry about bringing it from your morning paper delivary boy as it is not available for all locations.

In each paper, more than 500 Job openings gets mentioned. 95% Job openings are of worker, technician and supervisor level catagory and 5% of Engineer Levels.

As said earlier, it is on paid basis and subsciption charges are as below.

  • 1 Year Subscription charges – Rs. 975 /-
  • 6 Month Subscription charges – Rs. 500 /-
  • 3 month subscription charges – Rs. 350 /-

You can prefer for 6 month subscription as mostly you will get job within 3-5 months so no need to subscribe for entire year.

Please click on follwoing link for subscription:

Please note, interview locations for all jobs mentioend in this ePaper is Mumbai only which means that you will have to go to Mumbai for the interveiw. If you cannot go to Mumbai, no need to subscribe for this ePapaer.

Also note, just by checking job post and interview date, do not go directly for the interview. First call to that consultancy and confirm with him. Few consultants provides Interview pass which they check on interview date and only those who are having valid pass are allowed for the interivew. Also note, consultant address and interview venue can be different.

You can also check with consultant the list of documents which are required for interview. If he do not provide, don’t worry. Below is the list of documents which are required at the time of interview.

List of Documents required for Face to Face Interview

All documents listed below are mandatory to bring at the time of Face to Face Interview. You will have to carry original documents and minimum 2 sets of photocopies.

  1. Resume
  2. Minimum 5 passport size your photos
  3. Passport
  4. Mark-sheet of 10th Standard
  5. Mark-sheet of 12th Standard
  6. Degree Certificate – Mandatory
  7. Mark-sheets of your Degree all years (If any year mark-sheet not available, it is okay)
  8. Experience Certificates of all previous employers
  9. Appointment Letters of all previous employers. (If any missing, it is okay)
  10. Last 6 month salary slips of last employer (at least last 3 months salary slips are required)
  11. Adhar Card, PAN Card
  12. Voter ID card, Driving License, Domicile Certificate (if not available, it is okay)

Once you go to interview, you will see around 50 -150 other guys who are also came for the interview. So there is competetion as well.

Please note, it is on spot selection process and if you gets selected and accept the offer, they will take your passport in their custody. The reaosn why they took your passport is they provide VISA freely and they are going to spend money on your VISA. So they need assuarance that you are going to Dubai for their Job.

Also note, there are lots of cheaters, who will ask money from you and you will be get cheated. No need to spend any money for mumbai based small consultants. There are 5% consulatants who are geniun and ask for money initially iteslf; however it is always confusing to whom we can trust. So it is better, not to go for paid consultants when 95% are free.

This was all about our 1st way to get Jobs in Dubai and other gulf countries. Below is 2nd way.

2. India website., as you might know, is India’s No. 1 job website and trust me it is easy to find Gulf jobs from All India based Gulf consultants are continuously searching for candidates at All types of profile holders can get job easily through My first Gulf Job was through only.

You should always ensure that your naukri profile is updated as recently updated profiles reflects first for recruiter. Also please mention your Desired Work Location as – Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain etc. at so that recruiters can reach you with these location keywords.

Benefits of using is that together with Gulf Jobs, you can also search Indian jobs at same platform. There are specific Gulf Job websites are also available where you can find jobs for only gulf countries. We will discuss on them in detail at Point No. 8. However, they will give you jobs in Gulf only. As an Indian, along with Gulf Job search, we also search for better opportunities in India so if you have naukri profile, it is easy to search Jobs for both locations – India and Gulf at same platform.

Interview Process through is as below.

  • Mostly you will get E-mail from consultant on your E-mail ID registered at and he will ask you to provide your documents for evaluation. If you gets shortlisted, they will arrange your telephonic interview. Few times they take Skype interview as well. So create your Skype account and be ready with Skype ID. Few consultants will ask you to to visit their office and take Face to Face Interview as well. You will have to bring all documents which I have listed in Point No. 1.
  • Many of Dubai companies calls you directly and they take your Telephonic or Skyp Interview and select you. This is very easy way of selection.

Again, do not spend any money online as you will receive lots of spam E-mails by fraud people.

3. LinkedIn

My 2nd Gulf Job offer I got through and these days, many of recruiters are shortlisting candidates through their LinkedIn profile. Even many of recruiters who got your profile by some other means, they ask you to share your LinkedIn profile. So, please creat your LinkedIn profile in detail and if you are posting something which is related to your Job Profile, this will add an advantage as recruiters these days going throguh in detail at your LinkedIn profile as it helps them to know what type of person you are.

Interview process through LinkedIn is same as of Also don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

4. Facebook

This may sound you odd, but yes, you can find gulf jobs at Facebook also. There are lots of Facebook pages available where daily they post lots of job opportunities. All of us have Facebook account and you just need to like all such Facebook pages related to Gulf Jobs and daily you can see opportunities there. One of my friend who is Elevator technician got a job through Facebook advertise pages.

Mostly all job postings on facebook are of consultants. Do not expect direct call from Gulf Company through facebook.

Top profile jobs like Finance Analyst, Sales Manager, Project Manager etc are also gets posted of various Facebook pages. So it recommended to like such pages. You can also join Facebook groups related to Dubai Jobs. Before liking any page, first check what jobs are getting posted at that page and if they matches with your profile, you can like them. Same you can do with Facebook Groups.

5. ASIAPOWER Overseas Employment Services

This is comparatively big Job consultancy having it’s head office at Mumbai and branches Delhi, Chennai, Vadodara, Kochi and Bangladesh, Nepal too. You can find it’s Job Vacancy advertisements at Assignment Abroad News Paper as well which we have discussed in Point No. 1

This is trusted paid service and very costly Rs. 11,800/Year subscription charges which means before even applying for any Job, you have to pay them for a year and only if your profile is related to Civil/Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical/ONGC, you can subscribe for this. You can view job openings at their website freely and if you see that jobs getting posted are relevant to your profile, you can think of subscription.

I do not recommand to invest this much money initially, however if you are finacially good and in hurry or if you are waiting since long for Dubai Jobs, you can think of it. Before subsrciption, please call them and ask that if you do subscription now, will you have to pay additionally after getting Job Offer.

Thier interview process is same like other small consultancies. Once you do subscription, you have to create your profile and start applying for Job and if your profile gets shortlisted, they will call you to visit their office for Face to Face interview.

6. Jerry Varghese Website

This is another well-known name for Gulf Job seekers. Their head-office is located at Mumbai and this is free service for job seekers. You just need create your profile at their website like and go on applying for Jobs.

They provide almost all profile jobs including IT, Software Developer, Finance Analyst, Medicals, Hospitals, Hotels, Hospitality along with Civil/Mechanical field Jobs.

Their interview process is same as of AsiaPower Overseas as discussed in previous point.

7. India Based Gulf Job Consultancies

In this article you have heard this name consultancy many time and the reason is 70% Jobs are through them. Even AsiaPower and Jerry Vergese are consultancies only. Only they are comparatively big, they has been categorized separately to get more attention.

There more than 100 Job consultancies are available in India and majority of them are located in Mumbai.

Below are some Top Consultancies which you can easily trust.

  1. G Gheewala Human Resources Consultants –
  2. H.R. International –
  3. Ambe International –
  4. ASMACS –
  5. Soundlines –

Apart from these, there are many more consultancies which are good. Their names you can find in Assignment Abroad News Paper which we discussed in Point No. 1.

What you have to do is, just call them one by one and ask for available Job Openings. If any opportunity available, they will tell you in phone call itself or they will ask you to send your resume to their Email ID. Most of them do keep their resume in their data base and if any opportunity in future, they will notify you by sending mail to your Email ID mention in your resume.

Also, if you are visiting Mumbai for any interview, keep 10 resume and document sets along with you. There are many consultancies which are located at same area in Mumbai and you can directly visit their office and submit the resume. I have done this in my initial days. The list of documents which you must carry is same as mentioned Point No. 1.

8. Gulf Country Job Website

Similar to, there are other Gulf Country websites which are made only for Gulf Jobs. You can creat your profile any one of them and start seraching for Jobs as well.

Below are best 5 Job websites where all Gul Jobs gets posted.

  3. (Specially for Finance, Banking, IT jobs)

You don’t need to creative profile at all these website as it is very time consuming. I suggest along with, you can use one single website out of above five.

You wil have to go through either telephonic interview or skype interview if profile gets shortlisted. No need to pay any money through these websites.

So this is all about how to find Jobs in Dubai. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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